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Hurrahhhhh... We are happy to announce the details for upcomming new plan
Old PV Income and system will remain same as before

New Pair Income as per slab given below replacing Old pairing system

PairSlabTotal PairsSlab Amount per pairSlab PayoutTotal Payout
* as per approved pair logic

Leadership Royalty Club

> 500 <= 2500Rs. 100 * per active new joining / club member
> 2500 <= 10000Rs. 75 * per active new joining / club member
> 10000 and all above Rs. 50 * per active new joining / club member

Personal BV SPILL Income (P-BV)

As Personal P-BV will be spilled to the power side of your weeker leg new SPILL Income is introduced as per table below
Will be paid on personal purchase (i.e. on One lac investment 13pin (104 P-BV))

P-BVMonthly Slab per P-BV (this month)all months (lifetime) on monthly P-BV
>=100 P-BVRs. 50-
>=500 P-BVRs. 60Rs. 10
>=1000 P-BVRs. 70Rs. 20
>=5000 P-BVRs. 80Rs. 30
>=10000 P-BVRs. 90Rs. 40
>=2000 P-BVRs. 100 Rs. 50
*Paid as per whichever slab is higher monthly slab or acumlated slab

Lifetime Award On target achievment

Award/Gift from CMD sirPair from joining dateLifetime Pair
32" LED TV60 pair in 30 Daysor Reaching on 210 Pair
1.5 Ton AC 150 pair in 60 Daysor Reaching on 575 Pair
2.5 Lac CAR365 pair in 150 Daysor Reaching on 1305 Pair
7 Lac NHIL Plot730 pair 1yr or Reaching on 2805 Pair
20 Lac NHIL Plot1500 pair in 1yr or Reaching on 7805 Pair
Single Flat5000 pair in 2yror Reaching on 18805 Pair
Duplex Flat11000 pair in 2yror Reaching on 38805 Pair
Mercedees20000 pair in 3yror Reaching on 88805 Pair
*all members joined in Old system will also be awarded as per Lifetime Pair Slab on their fresh pair count in new software, New Joinings self or others will be paid as per Fasttrack slab

*we are providing P-BV income to prevent OLD 8BV pairing **system has internal mechanism to prevent matching tripod payout

*all above income is an Indication of upcomming Plan and may be changed before final launching after July Closing .....
* Consume your pins before new plan as in new plan pins BV will be SPILLed *
* New Plan ID will be activated for any kind of payout after 10 P-BV (Personal BV)
* Old IDs joined with 8BV or any other Joining Kit will have to ADD aditional 2 P-BV to get their ID activated for payout

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